About Us

Vaastrop Nigeria Limited was incorporated on April 1st, 1997.

It is a registered engineering consulting firm with the following:
  Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) for civil, electrical & mechanical engineering
  Association for Consulting Engineering in Nigeria (ACEN)

The day-to-day management function of the firm is performed by the Managing Director, supported by the firm’s Administration. The Managing Director reports to the Board.

Human Resources:
We recognize the importance of continuous staff development. In addition to our fortnight in-house seminars, we regularly expose our staff to national and international seminars, conferences, workshops, and further training.

In addition to Vaastrop’s full time staff, we readily draw from the expertise of individual consultants.

Working Tools
Office: At the head office, Vaastrop has a modern one-storey office block sitting on a portion of 1200 square meters of land space, surrounded by beautiful scenery conducive for intellectual work.

Vehicles: For smooth and efficient service delivery Vaastrop Nigeria Limited has an impressive fleet of vehicles for routine and site work.

Field Equipment: Vaastrop is appropriately equipped to deal with all the field activities with either full ownership or lease of such equipment.

ICT Capacity: Vaastrop Nig. Ltd is fully equipped with “state of the art” ICT systems needed for data processing, documentation, information handling and presentation.

Vaastrop Nig. Ltd has an enviable data base which enables her carry out its engineering activities with little or no outside input.

We are keyed into cloud computing via Microsoft OneDrive. This enables us harness the benefits of application packages available in the cloud. We are also able to access relevant working documents from any location on the globe making it possible for our field and office staff to work on same documents at the same time.

1. Optimum client satisfaction, the surest way of remaining in business.
2. Optimal delivery of engineering services, improved quality of life.

To set up a durable top-flight multidiscipline engineering consulting firm known for optimum client satisfaction.

Optimum Client Satisfaction

Core Value

We have an elaborate strategy for achieving our lofty goals. Some of the main parts are listed below:

  1. Build critical mass.
  2. Develop adequate capacity through:
    • Up-to-date IT equipment always.
    • Continuous training and re-training of staff.
    • Standard documented policies and procedures including checklists.
    • An effective monitoring system to ensure compliance with these policies and procedures.
  3. Adopt an all-inclusive staff-friendly policy making machinery.
  4. A credible workable succession plan in place.